Spirit Strong - On Your Own Love - Preview

Love - Preview


Are you wanting to have a greater influence in the world?

Do you want to enjoy stronger relationships?

Do you want to be a better leader?

This course is for you.

Check out this free lesson to get an idea of what this module is all about.

What would it mean for you, if people had a deeper level of trust in you? 

What would it mean for you if people felt free to confide in you and look to you for support and guidance?

Would you enjoy deeper and more meaningful relationships with family and friends?

This article gives you an idea on what awaits you in this course.

A spiritually healthy person not only helps others, but also leads others into a deeper relationship with the Holy, experiences a greater love and acceptance of him/herself, and in loves others selflessly.

A spiritually healthy person listens well and has a high degree of awareness of his/her own feelings as well as others’ feelings.

A spiritually healthy person's identity is grounded in the love of a Higher Power and not in seeking the approval of others, which enables him/her to maintain a much higher capacity of empathy for others.

A spiritually healthy person has committed his/her life to loving others as Holy has loved him/her no matter what.

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Love - Preview

This module is all about love and loving action.

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